“I knew I wanted a beautiful purebred Siamese kitten as an addition to my family. When considering a Cattery, I had my own standards. I hoped for a breeder that only produced a selective amount of kittens per year. A breeder who cared about where the kittens were being placed and the future health and happiness of them. Quite by accident, I met Jen, owner of Katzajen Cattery, on Facebook. From the beginning, I felt she cared about her kittens and was sensitive to pairing her kittens with the right person/family. I decided to purchase two kittens from the same litter, because they were so attached to each other. Jen walked me through the process of the purchase and even shared with me their personalities (as they developed), as well as photos and stories from the time of their birth until it was time to bring them to their forever home. When I came to pick the kittens up, Jen offered food for them for several days, a blanket and offered to be available should I have any questions regarding their care—And yes, I took her up on that, and she responded kindly.

My two beautiful, healthy kittens are now six months old, and more than twice their size. I call them Catweens (teenage cats). The two have wonderful, sweet, loving, playful personalities, and are too smart and inquisitive for their own good. They are healthy and have beautiful bone structure, color and profile. These two female cats/catweens are the light of my life and I can’t wait to share them with the world as a proud mama. I will forever be grateful to Katzajen Cattery (Jen) and her quality breeding program for providing me with my two beautiful lilac point girls - Jaya Arielle Grace and Pandora’s Hope.“

- Theresa C

Last year I started looking for breeders that had CFA Siamese Cats. I was lucky enough to find Jen Valente who had the lineage that I was looking for. From the start of communicating with her I knew I wanted to buy my next kitten from her. She sent pictures and videos of Duke’s mom Queenie throughout her pregnancy, the birth, the first 16 weeks of his life and finally his flight across country to us and his forever home. Every aspect was done expertly well. These kittens are not caged, instead hand raised and that was so evident by how Duke acted his first night in our home. He was social and loving right from the start. He is a beautiful boy and has helped fill the void of the loss of our precious Ramsey who passed away shortly after Duke came to us. Duke even went out of his way to bond with Ramsey who in turn accepted him. We are anxiously looking forward to getting our next kitten from Jen as we feel Duke needs a buddy. Also, throughout this process, I have acquired a dear friend.

Thank you, Jen for all you do in bringing these beautiful creatures into the world and into our lives.

- Pat & Jack J
& of course Duke   

Katzajen is the "Cat's Meow" of Catteries! You can tell the love Jen has for her cats by the fruit of her labors. Her kittens are very well socialized, intelligent, stunningly beautiful, and have the sought after "meezer personality". She is very selective in who her babies go any good "Momma" would be. So if you are fortunate enough to make the cut, you will be blessed with all that is a "Siamese".

- Lanette N (and Oliver) St. Louis, MO

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